Altair Startup Program

Realizing the Next Generation of eMobility
through speeding up product development!

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The next eMobility revolution is ready to go mainstream. Altair supports emerging vehicle manufacturers who want to optimize their design, development, and production processes to deliver innovative electric and autonomous vehicles to the masses. Altair works with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to accelerate product development, enhance energy efficiency, vehicle range, and passenger safety, and optimize integrated system performance through advanced simulation.

Participating startups get up to 80% discount for Altair’s simulation-driven design software solutions and 16 hours of free expert consulting on top.

The Altair Startup Program covers eMobility as a whole, including the support of the following key objectives:


Future vehicles will increasingly transition to hybrid and electric propulsion systems. To ensure they meet and exceed the standards for vehicle range, performance, passenger experience, and safety, it is imperative to accurately model the complexities of the vehicle’s interconnected systems.


In order to get the most mileage out of each charge, manufacturers are turning to generative design to create lightweight vehicle structures and components. Lighter cars require less battery power for accelerating and maintaining speed, allowing a single charge to take passengers further.

Global Performance Optimization

Integrated system-level, multi-disciplinary, and multiphysics solutions offer designers the ability to understand and optimize the complex, connected architectures of next-generation eMobility concepts.


With the rapid improvement and proliferation of V2V and V2X communication, advanced driver-assistance systems, and autonomous driving, solutions must be developed to connect and interact with the vehicle’s surroundings without interfering with in-vehicle electrical systems.

Product Development

Use simulation-driven design to improve development efficiency and optimize product performance. Leveraging Altair’s global industry experience to accelerate your growth.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Accelerate engineering and design with Altair’s HPC workload management and usability suite, for compute-intensive tasks including solvers, optimization, modeling, visualization and analytics.

Data Analytics & IoT

Build analytical applications, or augment analytics into existing applications to make better decisions. Professionals of different skill sets can collaboratively generate and share insight from their data.


"While we previously had to manufacture parts and test them, we are now able to get to the final product faster, fitting it into the serial production of the cars." - Tamir Plachinsky, CEO & Co-Founder of Griiip.

City Transformer

"We are re-shaping the modern car, a task that imposes great engineering challenges. Altair's tools help us find the best solutions in no time." - Udi Meridor, Chief Innovation Officer of City Transformers.


"What I appreciated most is that I met people who were listening to our real needs and who are listening to our critical organization. As a startup, we cannot pay huge amounts of money to use this kind of software, so Altair's program is a great way to get access to it." - Xavier Pain, Founder & CEO of Gulplug.


"Bringing in simulation capabilities and having had training on the tools, plus having a person that does the simulation in-house has helped enormously, especially when it comes to convincing customers. Without Altair, we would never be where we are now." - Gilad Avrashi, Co-Founder & CTO of MDGo.


See our responses to some of the most common questions.

What's the aim of the Altair Startup Program?

The Altair Startup Program caters to the needs of high-tech startups, spanning product development, high-performance computing, and data analytics.

Participating startups get up to 80% discount for Altair's simulation-driven design software solutions and 16 hours of free expert consulting on top.

Altair is offering you a way to grow your business faster using simulation-driven design software. This software is also used by industry giants such as Daimler, Porsche & Jaguar Land Rover.

Depending on your specific needs, Altair offers specialized software to help you

• Assess design feasibility early in the development process
• Save substantial prototyping costs
• Accelerate product development
• Reduce the risk of product failure
• Scale-up to market leadership

Who can apply for the Altair Startup Program?

You are eligible to apply to the Altair Startup Program if:

• Your startup is a privately held business
• Your startup has revenue of less than $10 million per year
• Your startup was founded less than 4 years ago

If your startup meets these requirements, apply now!

What if my startup is not in the mobility or automotive industry?

No problem!

Any high-tech startup that meets the aforementioned requirements and is developing a physical product is welcome to apply!

Is this an accelerator program?

The Altair Startup Program is not an accelerator program.

Altair is offering startups a way to grow their businesses faster using simulation-driven software. This software is used by industry giants such as Daimler, Porsche & Jaguar Land Rover.

Altair offers solutions catered to your growing needs enabling innovation, reduced development times, and lowering costs through the entire product lifecycle from concept design to in-service operation.

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