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GROW Mobility is the accelerator for startups to connect & scale. Got an MVP or are close to it? Join the ride!

With more than 8 million customers, 2345 employees and 1600+ km of roads, Brisa is a leading European motorway company & pioneer in electronic toll collection. The company's mission is to provide efficient mobility for people - in cooperation with disruptors.

Road Infrastructure

Improving operations & engineering, including but not limited to drones to assess and monitor roads, rails, bridges & lighting conditions and/or accidents & GNNS.

Tolling & Telematics

Includes blockchain, multimodal mobility (e.g. ticketing), recognition technologies (e.g. plate recognition) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the like.

New Mobility

Fewer highways built and a lower car ownership culture calls for New Mobility solutions in the realm of Connectivity (Vehicle 2 Infrastructure, Connected Car, etc.).


Application Starts
January 17

Application Deadline
March 25

Winner Announcement
April 2018

Connect & Accelerate
May / June 2018

Access to Brisa's Market

You will receive access to the full spectrum of Brisa's market, including 8 million customers and more than 1600 km of roads.

New Clients & Investors

Brisa will support you in gaining new clients & investors based on the needs of your startup.

Sandbox for Field Tests

735 CCTVs, 140 road sensors, 71 patrolling vehicles, 35 meteo stations, and 17 highways are the perfect breeding ground for your technology.

Office Space

Your startup will get exclusive access to office spaces on Brisa's Campus in São Domingos de Rana, Portugal.

Mentor Network

Brisa strives for a close relationship between the company and the society that surrounds it and offers an extensive expert network to learn from.

Access to Tools

To accelerate development, Brisa will provide you with management insights and access to administrative tools.


See our responses to some of the most common questions or view the complete list of Terms and Conditions.

Who can apply to GROW Mobility?

We're looking for pre-seed & seed startups with a dedicated team and an MVP in place (or close to it).

Your startup operates in the areas of usage patterns, customer behavior and company information with strong products and services in ETC, GNSS, telematics, big data, RUC, and mobility? Join the ride!

My startup is not in the mobility industry - can I still apply?

Of course!

Any innovative technology or solution which can be applied to Road Infrastructure, Tolling & Telematics or New Mobility can enter.

Can I apply to more than one topic?

You are welcome to apply to more than one topic. Just make sure to submit a separate application for each.

What are GROW Mobility's key benefits for my startup?


- full access to the entire spectrum of Brisa's market
- a sandbox for field tests
- the opportunity to work with a strong market leader and pioneer in electronic toll collection
- office space at Brisa's Campus
- access to a broad mentor network
- possible later financing

How much time do I need to spend in Portugal?

The program is designed to last for 3 months at Brisa's Campus in São Domingos de Rana, Portugal.

How do you deal with intellectual property?

From section 6. a) of the Terms & Conditions:

i. Confidentiality is not guaranteed in any way. If an applicant wishes to keep elements of their concept or idea confidential, the applicant should not include that information in its application;
ii. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) between the applicant and Brisa, StartUs and/or the judging panel will not be allowed;
iii. Nothing in these terms and conditions will affect Brisa or any applicant’s ownership of any intellectual property rights. Applicants are required to grant Brisa and StartUs only such rights as are required to evaluate and judge their application in the context of the RFQ and to permit Brisa to provide and engage in the presentation event with the prequalified applicants;
iv. Applicants represent and warrant that their application and the idea, solution, technology, product and/or service presented in their application is owned by them, does not include any rights owned by a third party and did not involve the participation or assistance of subcontractors, suppliers or any third party. Applicants further warrant that their application and the idea, solution, technology, product and/or service presented in their application does not infringe any third-party rights (including intellectual property rights).

View the full Terms & Conditions:

What else do I need to know?

Entrants must own, at the time of application and throughout the accelerator program, the rights to deploy any idea, solution, technology, product and/or service which they put forward in connection with their entry to GROW Mobility.

Susi Wallner