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OTP Bank startup accelerator is an intensive three-month program designed to grow your business. You will get to collaborate with OTP, key player in Eastern Europe. This is a unique opportunity to refine your idea or product, pursue new business opportunities and grow your network. The aim is to make your startup fundable and ready for international opportunities.

Is your startup the next big thing in FinTech? Here's some topics that we're particularly keen on seeing:

Banking for the Family

Services for the whole family and financial education.

Data in Banking

Better ways of acquiring data or capitalizing the data that OTP has, to make better decisions.


Ways of optimizing your personal workflows. Examples are households' document handling, car-sharing, or mortgage evaluation.


Better mechanisms for collaborating and interacting, inside OTP and with other partners.

Technology Driven Change

Uses of technologies such as mobile, IoT or VR in banking or real estate.

SME Administration

Tools to make the day-to-day of SMEs easier.


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Application Deadline
4 February 2018

Startups Selected
9 February 2018

Acceleration Phase
26 February – 18 May 2018

Business Insight

...and guidance from key decision makers from OTP who are interested in innovative solutions.

Potential Market Access

...through pilots and OTP’s comprehensive range of different customers and data.


...from experienced entrepreneurs and FinTech experts.

Global Perspective

...from a key player in their industry.

Up To €1 million

...investments from Nestholma and other partners.

Post-Accelerator Network

...and events such as match-making conferences.


Who can apply to the OTP Bank startup accelerator?

Startups with at least two founders, working on an innovative solution which can be applied in the financial services industry are welcome to participate.

If your solution does not fit any of the key areas you can still apply - just show us how your solution will impact banking in the future!

What are my key benefits of participating?


- Business insight & guidance from key decision makers from OTP
- Potential market access
- Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs
- Gaining a global perspective
- Up to €1 million investments
- Post-accelerator network

How much time do I need to arrange for the acceleration program?

The program is designed to last for roughly three months (26 February - 18 May 2018) at OTP Bank's working premises in Budapest, Hungary.

Where can I find more info about the accelerator?

Nestholma & OTP Bank have put together a comprehensive overview of the startup accelerator here: http://bit.ly/2EW8D7G

What else do I need to know about Nestholma's accelerator programs?

Nestholma is experienced in engaging corporations and startups to collaborate. Visit their website to find out all you need to know: http://bit.ly/2EW3dtc


Senior Coach & Partner at Nestholma