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Director Southern Europe at Austrian Business Agency

Michaela Szilvasova

Startup Manager at Slovak Business Agency

Benedikt Karigl

Manager/Tax Advisor at LeitnerLeitner

Peter Loschl

Senior Advisor at Austrian Business Agency

Peter Kovacs

CEO of IseeQ, CWeEO of Central European Startup Awards

Mircea Vadan

Co-Founder at Momly and at

Thomas Pamminger

Founder of Wollzelle

Andrei Barabas

Head of Growth at Trilulilu, Founder at Barandi Solutions

Sasan Hashemi

Senior Analyst at Venionaire Capital

Ovidiu Matan

Founder at Today Software Magazine


Co-founder & Director at Yunus Social Business Balkans

Dusan Koutny

Co-founder and CTO of OrderLoard

Vlad Ciurca

Executive producer of Techsylvania

Rustem Akishbekov

CEO of Robo

Ciprian Soleriu

Co-Founder at Conversion Academy and at BrainArt


Entrepreneur, Organizer of Startup Grind Tirana

David R. Prasser

Founder of Street View Photography and StartUs

Leo Brunnhofer

CEO and Founder of Tasktilldone

Gregor Posch

Startup Services Consultant at Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Anna Iarotska

COO of Robo

Ilian Milinov

Industrial Designer, Co-founder of Playground Energy Ltd, Red Dot Award 2010, 2012, 2015

Peter Kadas

CEO of Traction Tribe


Founder Dyqan Taxi

Lujza Bubanova

Co-founder of Divano, Co-founder of Startupism

Michael Ionita-Ganea

Professional sales trainer and coach at The Closer: Startup Sales Training

Daniel Horak

Managing Partner Sales & Marketing at CONDA

Gustavo R. Dias

CEO and Co-founder of Critical Materials

Dusan Duffek

Co-founder of RubixLab Incubator in Bratislava


Co-founder of Fundraizer

Stefan Schwaha

Head of Innovation & New Business at Ambuzzador

Thomas Meyer

Professional sales trainer and coach at The Closer: Startup Sales Training

Christoph Richter

Co-founder of


Global Managing Partner

Gabor Bonyhadi

Founder of and

Georg Molzer

Co-founder of Kiweno

Joy Morozov

Customer Lifecycle Manager at Emarsys

Mark Tuttle

CEO of Cryptografx


Co-founder & CEO at laborom

Din Ezzeddine

Head of R&D at Financial Technologies AG

Andreas Chrastka

Deputy General Manager of I2B Businessplan-Wettbewerb

Ludwig Rieger

CEO of Fundraizer

Christoph Witzany

Founder of

Frido van Driem

Inspiring mentor, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at ZEEF


CMO at X Ventures | Pitch & Branding Coach

Radoslav Vasina

Chairman of Board of Directors at Stengl Finance

Eric Schranz

Co-founder/Director Information Services at VisioneersPartner

Selma Prodanovic

Business Angel & Keynote Speaker

Ivo Radulovski

CEO of Segments Group

Oliver Smeenk

StartUs Ambassador and founder of SODAQ