Pitch perfect and boost the European bio-economy

Cross-border matchmaking & networking event

7 November 2018, 9.30-19.00
Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel

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Event organisers:

The ‘Pitch perfect and boost the European bio-economy’ event is a one-day event of intense cross-border matchmaking and networking, with the aim to create new partnerships for the future and the further development of innovative, cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value chains in the bio-based economy.

Taking place on November 7, 2018, at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, this matchmaking and networking event brings together investors, SMEs, startups, about-to-be start-ups, scale-ups, large companies, and ROs as well as organisations offering relevant innovation services such as scale-up trials, application testing, business plan writing, feedstock analysis, life cycle assessment, social acceptance, etc.

Participants are invited to submit a pitch application for a 6 minutes pitch. Pitch categories are biobased chemicals, biobased materials, food & feed ingredients, bio-energy and innovation services. The matchmaking are one-to-one meetings of 15 minutes aimed at finding new partners. The meetings can be scheduled in advance by an online matchmaking system, easy to use on a smartphone or laptop.


Seize the opportunity and apply for a 6 min. pitch to present your innovative solution or service in front of an exclusive round of potential partners and investors. Our pitching sub-categories are biobased chemicals (incl. fine chemicals like cosmetics and agrochemicals), biobased materials, food/feed ingredient, bioenergy, and innovation services.


Register now to partake in a unique and exclusive matchmaking event, supported by B2B partnering software and connecting startups, scale-ups, SMEs, large enterprises, ROs, investors, and many other stakeholders who are part of the innovation chain and together shape the biobased economy.

Innovation Scouting

Identify new opportunities for partnerships, co-development, licensing or acquisition. Scout for innovative products or innovation services. Meet investors, business angels, venture capitalists, consultants or just come and get an overview of new technological developments in the biobased economy area and market.


Network with our participants and find potential partners, investors, and other relevant stakeholders. Join us for the networking lunch and networking drink to further shape the future of the biobased economy.

AC3A, Adbiocomposites, Ayming, BASF Venture Capital GmbH, Bio2oil, BioBase4SME/SuperBIO, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Biocomposites Centre, Biolie, BioMosae BV, Bionactis International Group SA, Biorem Engineering, Biotech Fine Chemical France, Bloom, Brightlands, CABECO, Capax, Capricorn Venture Partners, CCREG, CEA Tech, Cefic/SusChem, Celabor, Celignis, CENER, Centexbel, Ceratium Limited, Cicytex, CILLNUA, CLIB2021, Colsen, CRAN - Nov&atech, Creaflow, CyberColloids ltd, Datastories International, Deep Branch Biotechnology, EASME, ECN, EcoSynth, Eindhoven University of Technology, E-KALITERI LTD, ENGIE, European Commission DG GROW, EUSynBioS, F.Initiatives, Flamac, Flanders Investment and Trade, Freesense, FUE-UJI, Fundecyt Science and Technology park, Ghent University, GI Dynamics, Green Bio Power, H4A, Hemp in a box, Holiferm, Inbio, ILVO, INOQ GmbH, InnoSyn BV, IrRADIARE, Kaffe Bueno, Kitosano, Lance Leverette, MetGen, Meva Energy, Mission of Pakistan to the EU, MOOV, Mycelia, Nafigate Corporation, NEFFA, NIZO food research B.V., North Sea Port, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Nova-Institut GmbH, Paragon Europe, Permanent Representation of Malta to EU, PHARIO, Phytolinc, Pilots4U, Pleurette SAS, PMV, PNO Consultants, Process Design CenterPolylabs, Port of Rotterdam, Province of South Holland, Regio FoodValley, REWIN West-Brabant, Sainc Energy Limited, Science for Evolution, SoliQz, SUPREN, Technical University of Munich, Tectero, Thomas More University for Applied Sciences, TKI AgriFood, Toulouse White Biotechnology, uFraction8, University of Hohenheim, University of Westminster, VanBerkel Consultancy, Vertech Group, VITO, VTT, Xylempor - Tree based products, YUN, … and many, many more.

Biobased Chemicals

Biobased Materials

Food/Feed Ingredient


Innovation Services



10 years back and 10 years forward - investing in the bio-based economy. Delivered by Daniela Arruda Costa, Ludwig Goris and Rob van der Meij of Capricorn’s Sustainable Chemistry Fund Investment Team.

Pitches & Matchmaking

50 Pitching Sessions will be held on the topics of biobased chemicals, biobased materials, food/feed ingredient, bioenergy, and innovation services.

One-to-one meetings of 15 minutes each to find new partners. The meetings can be scheduled in advance by an online matchmaking system.

Exhibition Area

We reserve 10 to 20 booths for large companies, funding agencies, clusters, SME helpdesks & other innovation related organisations. If you are interested in a booth, please contact Charlotte Gijselinck.

Pilots4U Workshop

Pilots4U will host one of its four Horizon Scan Workshops as a parallel satellite workshop to this event. If you wish to attend the workshop, you need to attend all three sessions and you need to register beforehand via this link and view our FAQ section for more info.


Who can participate in the Matchmaking & Networking Event?

European SMEs, Startups, Scaleups, large companies, ROs, Investors, and organizations offering relevant innovation services (business plan writing, LCA, social acceptance, applications centers, pilot plants…) are welcome to register for the event!

What are the criteria for the pitch?

- All pitches last maximum 6 minutes
- If you apply for an industry pitch and you meet the criteria, we grant pitches on a first come, first served basis. Your pitch will be confirmed within one week following your application. The exact timing and pitch room will not be communicated before 24 October 2018. As we have a limited number of pitches available in the category ‘innovation services’, we will only select and confirm those pitches at the end of the application period, so by 21 October 2018.
- We will establish a waiting list with the aim to replace confirmed pitches that are cancelled.
- Pitchers can use a powerpoint/prezi presentation of max. 6 slides. These presentations should be sent at the latest by 29 October 2018 to Sofie.Dobbelaere@fbbv.be.

What is the Pilots4U Workshop about?

Pilots4U will host one of its four Horizon Scan Workshops as a parallel satellite workshop to this event. If you wish to attend the workshop, you need to attend all three sessions and you need to register beforehand via this link.

Pilots4U has set up one easily accessible database of open-access pilot and demonstration infrastructure for the European bio-economy. The project also carried out an online survey to understand the equipment and related services required by (potential) users of open-access pilot facilities.

By comparing the established database with the survey results, Pilot4U is currently performing a gap analysis to understand where the EU may have over/under capacity and vulnerabilities now and in the near future. These results will be the initial point for discussion during the workshop and the basis for investment business cases to improve and strengthen the European landscape of pilot and demonstration facilities.

For more information and registration for this event visit their website.

Who are the organizers of the event?

The event is organized by BioBase4SME (Interreg NWE project coordinated by the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant) and SuperBIO (H2020 project coordinated by Flanders Biobased Valley).

BioBase4SME is an Interreg NWE funded project that provides bio-innovation support for entrepreneurs throughout NWE regions. The BioBase4SME network, representing many leading biobased economy experts, advises SMEs from across North-West Europe on how to develop new ideas into marketable products. The BioBase4SME project intends to help startups and SMEs to overcome technological and non-technological barriers to bring their innovation to market. The project manages an innovation coupon system worth up to €100.000 per coupon, free workshops, and professional trainings.

SuperBIO is funded by the research and innovation programme ‘Horizon 2020’ of the European Union under the Grant Agreement no. 691555. SuperBIO aims to develop new, innovative, cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value chains in the bio-based economy. SuperBIO offers 10 different professional innovation services to SMEs funded by the project for 75%.

SuperBIO co-organisers are NNFCC ad BCNP Consultants.

Where will the event take place? Are my costs covered?

The event will take place on November 7th, 2018 at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel (Belgium). Your travel expenses (incl. accommodation) will not be covered by the organizers, however, the event itself is free of charge and includes coffee, lunch as well as networking drinks.

How can I reach the venue? Is parking available?

For more information on how to reach the venue, visit the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel's website. For parking, please visit this link.

Which hotel do you recommend to stay in?

The organisers BioBase4SME and SuperBIO recommend the venue of the event, the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel. For special rates visit this link.

Whom can I contact regarding this event?

General contact: Tanja Meyer
Pitching: Sofie Dobbelaere
Matchmaking: Tobias Kirchhoff
Exhibition: Charlotte Gijselinck
Communication: Katrien Molders
Social media: Lucie Pfaltzgraff